KinestemUS adapts to the specific needs of your school district.

Our digital editing system allows our material to be customized to exactly what your district needs.

All of our materials can be tailored to the real needs of your students.


Leo 0


Contains pre-reading procedures and continuous vowel and semi-vowel kinestems.

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Leo 1


This student book develops the consonant continuum kinestems®.

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Grafía 0


It develops the student’s graphomotor skills. It uses the kinestems® vowel letters in the LEKUS® script font

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Grafía 1


This workbook introduces the continuous kinestems® lettering with the registered LEKUS® typeface

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Example of results for 3-year-old students:

Example of results for 4-year-old students:


Leo 2


The forced Kinestems® corresponding to the letters <r>, <b>, <v>, <y>, <g>, <d>, <c> and the digraphs <ch>, <ll>, <gu> are studied.

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Leo 3


This book teaches the short kinestems® and begins the playful use of reading with the story: Puss in Boots, riddles and funny machines.

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Grafía 2


In this workbook the student learns to write the letters corresponding to the forced and short kinestems® in script.

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Grafía 3

With this workbook the student learns how to convert the script from LEKUS® script to handwritten ligature script (LEKUSHAND®).

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Alphabet puzzles

Manipulative game with the modular elements of the LEKUS® script. In this way, schoolchildren learn to construct letters before they can write, even before they can read them.

LEKUS® Cards

Card set, with all LEKUS® scripts that facilitates the visual categorization procedure.

Kinestems® posters

High resolution posters containing all the kinestems® with the LEKUS® script to be placed in the classroom so that they can be seen continuously by the students.

Children’s reading books

Written with LEKUS® script. American folktales. Classic fables.

ASSESSMENT SET *This material is only sold to schools where teachers are accredited in the Kinestems Program.

It includes 3 evaluations per student for a school year, stimulus books, correction and individual reports. The report analyzes the variables that integrate the learning procedures in order to observe the strong points and the points to be reinforced.

Typeface (Free)

KUS typeface for making texts. Only for certified teachers. Contact us if you need to create kinestem books.